"Uniquely Normal Center For Autism"

Uniquely Normal Center for Autism is a sacred place, a home, a community, where people with autism and families come together to interact, explore and discover the best practices, techniques, and treatments.


Talk About Your Loved Ones On Autism Spectrum With Rob Bernstein And Avail Effective Guidance.

Real Stories

Read real-life case studies of individuals with autism and learn about their improvements

Training Program

Upcoming training courses on Neurodiversity and Autism Spectrum for individuals, parents, and healthcare professionals.

Uniquely Normal : An Award Winning Book

Robert J. Bernstein’s critically acclaimed new book Uniquely Normal: Tapping the Reservoir of Normalcy to Treat Autism has been hailed as a game-changer.


Webinars -

The Uniquely Normal Center for Autism is proud to produce quality and valuable webinars on a regular basis. As the organization is starting up, we are very excited to announce our first webinar of the year!

Upcoming webinar
Past webinar


Speak about your loved ones on autism spectrum, book a consultation with Rob



Donate Us

The money you send will go directly for therapy and counselling of individual with autism who cannot afford our services. You can designate the person of your choice or we can choose on your behalf and inform you the same.

We trying to change the world one person a time

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