Benefits of consultation

Benefits of consultation

  1.  Learn to speak for the first time, or if the child is verbal, engage in natural, reciprocal conversations.
  2.  Develop deep and meaningful relationships, no matter how disconnected they were at the start.
  3.  Reduce and eliminate tantrums, aggression and other challenging behaviors.
  4.  Experience real happiness, satisfaction, and love.
  5.  Live a full life that includes making close friends, college, dates, sports, and jobs.

(Rob special therapy session at the beach. With help of a natural environment where patients are at ease, Rob has created several breakthroughs for Individuals with autism)

Break-Out Session Topics:

1.   Create a warm, playful rapport and connection between you and your child, and with other family members, friends, and teachers

2.   Build your child’s communication, language, social interaction, and enjoyment of people

3.   Increase your child’s motivation and cooperation

4.   Utilize effective autism teaching techniques to enable your child to achieve specific educational goals

5.   Be the most effective facilitator and/or program director that you can be by creating and sustaining an attitude of hope and optimism, believing that autism recovery is a possibility, staying focused and inspired, and taking care of yourself

6.   Adopt a nonjudgmental and optimistic attitude towards your child

7.   Become an effective resource for your child

8.   Overcome everyday challenges

(Begining of the friendship at Stew Leonards, Ardsley, NY)


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