Bernstein Cognitive Method For Autism

Bernstein Cognitive Method For Autism

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We offer practical ways to work with the full spectrum of individuals with autism with Bernstein Cognitive Method For Autism(BCMA). Recognizing that each person with ASD contains a “reservoir of normalcy” that he or she can tap into Believing that each person with ASD is different from every other person with ASD and working to see the world from his or her point of view; Creating and seizing opportunities that enable each ASD person’s typical behaviors to emerge and develop. 


Often we find that the commonly employed Behavioural Therapy for autistic individuals turns to creating a system that rewards them for being less themselves and more what is deemed ‘normal’ in our perception. 


At Uniquely Normal, we believe that each individual with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is different from another with ASD – in how they perceive, interact with and process the world. In addition, we believe that each of them have a reservoir of ‘normalcy’ that they can tap into to further their success.


Given this belief, that is backed by years of research in the field, we find it necessary to build support for these individuals on THEIR terms. The Uniquely Normal approach i.e. the Cognitive Approach has been formed by educational therapist Dr. Robert J. Bernstein on the basis over 30 years of experience with individuals with ASD. The approach focuses on thinking rather than behaviour and finding ways to enable each person’s unique humanity to bloom based on their needs. With Bernstein Cognitive Method For Autism experience

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